How to carry a text and amount from debit to credit in a journal entry?

Hi. I’m new using Manager, but is it possible to get the system to carry the description text and the amount from debit to the credit entry in the journal. It would save a lot of time if this is possible!

Manager has a unique way of dealing with Journal entries and tries to prevent you making mistakes. If you enable payments and receipts you can actually no longer use journal entries to debit and credit as this is taken over by payments and receipts. The good news here is that what you are looking for is automatically taken care of this way. Start with the user guides.

No, @GylfiA, you cannot do that. The reason is that journal entries can involve more than a single debit and credit. For example, a business might debit Retained earnings and credit each of the capital account holders a different share of distributed profits based on a partnership agreement with unequal ownership percentages.

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