How to access backed up information on Manager

I back up Manager at least once in 3 months but recently I observed that on the Manager some of the accounts do not have transactions for the previous year and when I try opening the backed up Manager to access these transactions it refuses to open.

Please help. I use windows 7.

First, make sure your date range is set correctly. See the Guide at Manager Cloud.

Second, if you are speaking about income and expense accounts, and assuming you do have the date range set correctly, you should not see those transactions. Income and expense accounts are sometimes referred to as temporary accounts because they were traditionally closed out at the end of the accounting period. Closing entries are not necessary with Manager, because resetting the date range accomplishes the same purpose. Those accounts should show income and expenses in the current period.

Third, you cannot open the Manager data file directly. Manager calls it to access your data. To restore from backup, you must import the file. See the Guide at Manager Cloud.

What does it mean? Do you get an error? Can you provide more details?