How Reliable

What happens if you don’t have the domain any longer or go out of business, what happens to our files?

Your accounting file should always be backed up frequently on an accessible drive under your control. No data is ever stored in the Manager application itself. I don’t know NGSoftware’s continuity plan for business termination, but if you are using the cloud edition, it probably would not hurt to periodically download the desktop software for contingency purposes. Everything but user information would be directly accessible.

Are you asking what happens when you go out of business or us?

If you are using cloud edition, you can always make backups of your data. Desktop edition and server edition will work forever. It will outlive all of us.

What happens to the files if you go out of business? The reason I ask is
that I have been on Hot Scripts and some other sites only to find out
that the domains are for sale or no longer there.