How can I remove item code from invoice

In the below picture the invoice is showing item code
But I don’t want that item code to be shown on the print but I need in the system but not on the invoice.
As I am taking print in half cut A4 paper
So is there any option for that ?

What version of Manager are you using? And are you using a custom view template?

Sir yes I am using custom view template
But I tried in the template which is by default and with yours too.
Manager version 16.9.76

One more thing sir
Can you tell me one thing that can we degrade the version
Beculayse I read few old topics which were posted and in that few of them and even lubos posted that the arrow keys problem is from 3-4 updates so can we degrade it to 6-7 versions ?
If yes
Then how?

Do not attempt to install an earlier version. As has been posted on this forum many times, new versions of Manager are guaranteed to be compatible with .manager data files from older versions of Manager, but not the other way around. When new features are added, the data model must sometimes be extended accordingly. Opening your .manager data file with an older version of Manager runs the very real risk of corrupting the file, in obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

So no, don’t do it.

As for your original issue, if you’re using a custom template, then removing a particular column should be trivial. If you can’t figure it out, then seek local help with the HTML. But try using the in-built invoice and see if it is more pleasing to you. To my eyes, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be. Just make sure you’re on a recent version of Manager, since there were some changes in recent months in the way item codes and descriptions are handled.

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@jon is correct. The column you are trying to eliminate is no longer included in the standard invoice. So you are trying to overcome your own custom template.

Ok sir . I will try once In the default template given by manager and then revert you regarding that.

As I was trying to degrade the version only because of arrow keys issue. As lubos said it is not yet rectified till now .
Can you tell me what can I do with select2 software ?
Or how can I get it in previous version or some other way?
Or how to download the previous version?

I don’t know what this is.

You cannot. NGSoftware does not make obsolete versions available.

You cannot.

Ok sir any guesses by when the arrow keys will work properly in Windows version ?

If you read the other topics to which you referred, you will see that this has nothing to do with Manager.

Ok sir thanks I got it .
Last thing as I am new I don’t know much
Will I be updated in forum whether the arrow keys are working if it gets resolved **

Not by anything specifically addressed to you. But you can adjust your notification preferences on the forum to follow topics of interest.

Ok sir thanks
And really happy for the earliest reply for my issue …