How can i remove automatic payments?

Each time I write an invoice for a client the balance shows 0 as the payment is automatically allotted using available credit sales. This reflects an error as in most cases only a down payment is made with a balance. How do I remove this? This is a recent blunder. Has not happen before.
Also…how do I unlock date?

This is not an error of the program. It is the result of your entering payments by the customer in excess of amounts invoiced to that customer. Whenever the customer has a credit balance, it will automatically be applied to the next sales invoice. If a down payment has been made and entered properly, the balance due should be reduced. Read this Guide:

Read this Guide:

I am going to assume that you don’t issue an invoice for the down payment, the client just pays that down payment on placing the order. So if the same client places a second order, so two down payments have been received, then when you invoice the first order it is coming up as paid, whereas it should show the balance for the first order.

If this is your situation, then you could do this where there is clients who have multiple orders on the go:
Create a BS Liability account called “Down Payments” and post the down payments to there, then when you invoice the client do a second line entry transferring the down payment on to the invoice.

Thanks for your responses. The error was on my part. I entered the amount in the unit column and that was giving me a credit balance. Issue solved . Thanks

The guide shows how to lock date not unlock date Tut

If you read the entire Guide, the last paragraph before the Note at the bottom addresses unlocking. Just clear the date and click Update.

I read everything and the last paragraph does not describe how to unlock it only tells you to unlock. I did what you said before I thought of asking for help but it does not work as the lock date still remains in box.

Only if you don’t click Update, as I wrote.