Help with Customer prepaid balance for future services

How to add a prepaid balance for a customer so that I can later create an invoice that will deduct from that balance?
Customer buys prepaid pack of 5 sessions
Must deduct price of each session from that amount on each visit
Customer report needs to show all these transactions

I have searched the topics for this but was not able to find anything.

just receive money to the Accounts receivable account of that customer, for example $1000.

for every session make an invoice, say $200 each. every time you make the invoice, the amount is automatically allocated to that invoice and the balance is updated.

Under Reports you will find Customer Statements.

Hi sharpdrivetek

Thank you very much for your reply and input as well!

I just finished trying to do that but I cannot add any balance into the Accounts receivable.
Most likely I am doing something wrong here…
I tried to just receive the money and adding the customer name under payer but when I create the invoice it does not deduct that amount.
The specific in this case are;
ABC buys prepaid 5 treatment package for 300
On each treatment received by ABC I will need to provide a receipt showing the deduction of the amount previously paid
For the year end, when I do the Customer Report, it needs to show the payment made for the 5 treatment pack and also the invoices of each visit

I have the items already set with their respective values and I am able to Invoice for either the 5 pack or per treatment, depending on what it is needed.
When I do this, it does show up on the Customer Report each transaction made.

That said, I am at lost on how to proceed with this. :anguished:

Read these Guides:

Hi Tut,

Thank you very much for taking the time to send me in the right direction!
I was able to finally do this and it did show up, both the amount that the customer has in credit and also the deducted amount as needed.

Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and also for taking the time to help me out!
All the best!

Keep in mind, that setting up a pre-paid balance like this is in currency units only - it’s not linked to a particular service type. So if you are only offering sessions, this will work fine.

However, consider this example:

  1. Customer buys prepaid pack of 5 sessions - 500 (5 x 100)
  2. Customer uses up 1 session - Remaining balance 400
  3. Customer buys an item worth 50 - Remaining balance 350

The item purchased for 50 will subtract from the 400 balance that exists for sessions.

As long as you’re aware that this is how it works, what was mentioned in above posts should serve your needs.