Help please

Please l need help to make like that Bell

You need to be more specific. Are you trying to understand tax-inclusive versus tax-exclusive transactions? See Are you trying to modify the format to include two languages? See Are you trying to show VAT amounts on a line-item basis? The program will not do that. Nor will almost any other accounting software. Are you trying to meet specific local regulations for invoices? You need to describe what those are and why you think Manager is not compliant. Provide links to your local regulations in English.

And next time you start a topic, please be more informative with your title. “Help please” does not attract anyone’s assistance, because no one knows what you need help with.

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السلام عليكم
بدي اضيف الضريبة لكل سلعه قبل الجمع هل هذا ممكن
يعني سعر القطعة و بعد ذالك الضريبة للقطعه ومجموع القطعه مع الضريبة

The forum is English only.

Have you solved your issues already, the OP?