Help for an accounting moron

Im a new user with little understanding of accounting or software and Ive entered data into the Journal. Is it possible to export that to receipts and payments or do I need to re enter everything again.

You need to re-enter transactions.

Given your self-described naivety, I offer the following advice. You cannot use any tool unless you understand what it is supposed to accomplish. Before committing actual business records to Manager, take some time to learn the basics of accounting. A good place to start is

Then set up a test business. (You can have as many businesses as you want in Manager.) Spend time reading the Guides. Construct a chart of accounts to see if it provides the information you will need. Practice with typical transactions. These steps will pay dividends by avoiding the effort of undoing or redoing things. And they will keep you out of trouble by helping you avoid mistakes the tax authority finds.

Thanks for the advice!

Hi! In this link also you can learn about accounting. Click on english when ask you about translate.The original version comes in Dutch.



Thanks. Will do.