Handling fee

Could someone please assist with this scenario. Say you make out a sales invoice for R100. The customer returns the goods so you issue a credit note for that. But now, we charge an extra handling fee of 15% which in this example would mean R13.04. We therefore for this transaction have a sales invoice for R100, a credit note of R86.94. (100-13.04) as we now charge the handling fee and not offer a full credit. So what happens to the R13.04. Is this making sense, and if so, how does one tackle the transaction.
many thanks

The amount of the handling fee remains due on the sales invoice. Presumably, you made this clear as a condition of the sale. This is a common situation.

If you are not willing to charge the customer for the handling fee, don’t add it to the credit note. Enter it as a separate payment to your bank.

I have posted a screen shot of one invoice. This customer pays us monthly so the payments they make are getting automatically allocated to the outstanding balance. How do I stop this.
If I add it to my bank. how would I reconcile. Sorry but I am trying to make sense of it all.

It is not clear what you are asking.

If you are asking how to avoid automatic allocation to unpaid sales invoices, designate the receipts for a specific one. Otherwise, Manager allocates to the unpaid invoice with the oldest due date.

If you are asking how to stop your customer from paying monthly, tell them to stop. That has nothing to do with Manager.

And I do not understand your question about bank reconciliation at all. What does that have to do with sales invoices or credit notes? Reconciliation only reconciles payments and receipts with the cleared balance of your bank account.

Hi Tut,

After reading the above, a train of thought was triggered and it took me a few weeks to work out what the issues were with my transactions and where I was going wrong. I have finally figured it all out and popped by just to thank you for all your assistance. Its really appreciated.