@lubos, in sales invoice these where added for Greece

I really don’t understand, who and why add them. There is no need for them on a sale invoice for Greece

Have you looked at the businesses history?

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I can see who, but this is not actually a question.
If I login and add a custom field “Supplier car color”, this will be added to the Country localization?

@pandhm there is approval process so setup from localizations does not automatically bubble up into real businesses unless justified. If this custom field is not meant to be there - delete it.

Generally speaking, only custom fields that are used in country-specific reports or have to be shown on printed documents are allowed.

@lubos, these are not shown in custom fields, i cannot delete them

They have been already deleted actually. But changes to localizations are not yet flowing into the latest versions so you will need to wait for a few days.