Generating reports for self balancing invoices

I have identified the problem that has plagued my accounts since early 2017.

I need to address every invoice I have created in manager that balances to zero.

I would appreciate any help if someone could help me generate a report that would list all “Sales Invoices” that balanced to zero and hence did not require an associated payment.

Or similarly (same enquiry just worded differently), generate a list of invoices that don’t have any payments associated with them.

I realise Lubos is aware of the bug but if I can edit the invoices to work around the bug, then perhaps I can get my papers to the accountant in a more timely manner.

edit: I want to acknowledge, I am the one who has created the error, I’m not blaming here, I just want to fix it

I think that if you swap to accrual basis accounting then you won’t have to fix any invoice.
The problem is with the cash basis accounting not your invoices.

If I understand what you want, go to the Sales Invoices tab and click the Invoice total heading twice to sort in descending order:

You can drag over the screen to include relevant invoices, copy and paste into a spreadsheet as a working list.

ROFL thats crazy simple. You have no idea how long I tried finding a different way.

Thanks @Tut