Furniture job shop

hi every one
im going to a furniture factory last month that works in job shop model.
for hiring they told me search about logic of production plannin logic and give some solutions.
i think they work in job shop model and assemble-to-order(ATO) model.
some details in below:
1: they are product sofa
2: production time period for a requirement is 14 days
3:sometimes they have unschedule and force need to product(new costomer or management order , …)
4:they have some returned products for repair that in 72 hour should repair and sendback to costomer
5: staff in job shop are pro
6: they have 6 group
6:all the products is about 20 but with detail like colour,fabrics and other accessory change to many special product

whats the logic of production planning here? im true?is that job shop?is that ITO?
whats the solutions for developing production planning?
thank you

Manager is not a production planning or management program. It is an accounting program, and this forum is restricted to questions about the program.

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