Funny Account

Anyone explain why I have this Account configuration. Should be Seafood Banquet Blackhead 2019.

The 2,925.16 after Seafood Banquet Blackhead 2019, is balance of bellow statements.

@Buettel2, you did not ask about this, but you seem to be creating groups and accounts in your chart of accounts for individual events. This is normally unwise, because once used, accounts will remain in your chart forever. (See the note on permanence under Design Considerations here:

Tracking codes would be a better approach for individual events. That way, you don’t modify the basic chart of accounts for every function. See As an example, single wine delivery that will never happen again makes a poor choice for an account. That should just be a purchase invoice or payment.

Thanks for that can you tell me why it is there and how I get rid of it

Sorry MarV I got it now. Do not want to get rid of it

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