Forgot to update address on my invoices

I am from Taiwan and I moved to Europe where I have just started working as a freelancer. I just realised in some invoices I forgot to change my residential address back to the European one. So my bank account number is of a European bank but the address is my Taiwanese home address.

Will it be a big issue? Will it attract unwanted attention from tax authorities? BTW I do not earn much, only several thousands’ euros a year at most.

I’d appreciate any input from you very much.

This is not really an accounting issue. And don’t worry, you can’t get into trouble for this. If you like, you can still re-issue those invoices with new address and tell your customers to discard the previous invoice with wrong address and file the new one for their records. But I wouldn’t even bother with that.

Thanks…I thought it was an inappropriate thing to do :stuck_out_tongue: