Foreign Exchange Programming mistake at EUR

Hey guys!

I just discovered a mistake you guys have on the foreign exchange gains (losses) on EUR.

All the other currencies open their balances with a (negative) and closes with a positive.

But for some reason, only the EUR opens with positive and closes with negative.

I discovered this mistake today when I should’ve made a loss on EUR, but when I checked it, I gained.

Here’s the photo. PS, I’m using the latest version of the program: 16.12.36

You need to explain why you think this is erroneous. Your statement that Euros should behave like other currencies is meaningless without background on the circumstances.

Shouldn’t I have a foreign exchange loss on EUR if:

Opening balance exchange rate of USD/EUR is 0.9498 and
Closing balance exchange rate of USD/EUR is 0.9602

It means my EUR has been devaluated right?

Three points, @timl206:

  1. I have no idea, since you provided no information, what you foreign currency transactions were. But I find it exceedingly strange that in every instance your closing balance is opposite your opening balance in sign and of exactly the same magnitude.

  2. Unlike the other three currencies, Euros began with a positive balance and ended with a negative balance. So if the other three produced losses, you should expect Euros to show a gain.

  3. Your statement about movement of exchange rates as being USD/EUR is incorrect. The rates shown, in your case, are EUR/USD. That is important, because it turns everything upside down.