Foreign exchange gains (losses)

Hi on dashboard the Foreign exchange gain (losses) shown -0.0003 but we only enter all the transaction in only one cuurency that is Base currency India (INR) So where this exchange gain (losses) arrive and we unable to find the data in system

Please help on this

If you do all of your transactions in the one currency, then you should leave the Settings - Base Currency as blank or empty. Clicking on the “x” will delete any set currency

The Base Currency setting should only be used if you are going to be using multiple currencies.

@Brucanna I believe they need to send their invoices and statements in the base currency.
So they can’t remove the base currency. I believe there has been an entry somewhere which included another currency.

Why do you say this ? Leaving the Base Currency blank doesn’t imped the sending of invoices & statements unless you want (or required) to show the currency symbols.

@vrushabh, is this happening on cash-basis only? Or on accrual-basis too? The reason why I’m asking, there was a bug where this would happen on cash-basis. Now I’m not sure whether it has been fixed, I think it was. Are you using the latest version?