Financial Reporting | In Million's | Round-up 6 digits

Financail Summary and Reports reflects all the numbers in detailed. There are options to ‘Exclude zero balance’ which also gives the user fexibility to view report in standard format or only for active headers.

Can we add an option to display the value round up to Million or so (like 1,234,567 with 1.23). I think, all the value will divide by 100,000 in display and Copy to Clipboard.

I do not think this is something worth implementing in an accounting software. An accounting software should reflect the exact values down to the last penny and not vaguely show values in a figure of speech.

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Completely agree. The details financial statement is availible live for quick reference however such assist in compiling Management Reports for Financails as Top Management would like to see the highlights and drill to each transcation, if needed.

I completely understand your situation but I think the best option would be to export reports and do the formatting outside an accounting software just like preparing powerpoint presentations, graphs and charts.

Also, it might be possible to format the figures by running Extensions. I do not know if it is possible now but I am sure it would be possible as the Extensions feature evolves further.

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That would be a great solution but not right now. You can’t write Extensions to the summary screen at the moment, unfortunately.

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