Feedback on New Summary Page Look

Really what this boils down to is that the old Summary page provided an operational snapshot of the business, which the new Summary page provides more of a financial snapshot.

For me, I hugely preferred having the operational view. When I needed a financial view, I could run the appropriate report. But what I want to have in my face whenever I open Manager is stuff like how much money customers owe me and how late they are with their payments, how much time I’ve accrued and not yet billed, and how much cash I have on hand – and the old hierarchy, with its actionable links, was very helpful to that end.

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Yes I think that @lubos wanted to make the summary a balance sheet and Profit and Loss statement as he thought that would create consistency throughout the program - at least ways, that would be my guess!

I think that he needs to explain what he is trying to fix with the new layout as I very rarely complain about changes for any programs as most of the time it really doesn’t bother me. This change does. I think Jon put it nicely - I want an operational snaphot in my summary and I want to use the reports for a financial snapshot.

I have not upgraded on my computer as I prefer the old summary page view.

The previous summary screen was one of the deciding factors for us in choosing Manager over another accounting software company. Compared to the dashboard of the other software we considered, it was simpler but more user friendly for non-accountant small business owner types such as ourselves. At a glance we could see how much money we had in the bank and on hand, what is owed through aged receivables, what we owe and if anything was overdue. It was an excellent snapshot of the business, no clicking needed.

I vote for the original summary page if it makes any difference. Disappointed to hear what`s happening with this software.

I also vote for the original summary page. Unlike any other accounting package, Manager’s summary page was a one up on all the others, simply because, as soon as you opened the programme you had an immediate picture of the current status.

I vote for original summary page. Please.

Why not have under preferences a selectable option - Summary page or Balance Sheet
For myself, I am perfectly happy with the Balance Sheet, but then I don’t have Receivables, Time Billing, Inventory or Payables etc.

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The latest version (16.1.32) will show list of bank accounts under Cash at bank heading and cash accounts under Cash on hand heading.

Potentially every control account will be expandable so it will be up to users to select what control accounts they consider important enough to expand on Summary screen.


And will we be able to get aged receivables back on the Summary screen?

I still think the old Summary was superior for the minute-to-minute snapshot and for direct access via hyperlinks to the most important buckets of money. As @compuit wrote above, the old Summary made for a great visual view, while the various Reports made for great printed views.

@lubos, downloaded the latest version today, really appreciate all your hard work on the summery tab/screen but the original summery was better (as others have noted) please could we have the old one back, it was perfect as you had it before.

Many thanks.

@lubos in the interest of improving the program, perhaps it would help if we understood why the summary page was changed so we can see in what direction you are trying to take the program and offer you feedback in moving towards that direction as there may be a better way to achieve your aim. I feel that that as no-one sees the point of the new summary page and everyone was very happy with the original summary page, its not really helping to improve the new summary page when as far as everyone is concerned we just want the old summary page back as it was perfect the way it was!

I am sure that you have changed the summary page for a very good reason, but as I say there may be a better way to achieve your end aim in the program design rather than changing the summary page which nobody actually wanted changed!

In short what problem longterm will be caused by changing the summary page back to what it was? Perhaps we can together come up with a solution that would make everyone happy.

As Itmoto said, we appreciate your hard work, but to be honest, we would rather have the old summary page back please because it was perfect as it was.

Thanky you.

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I concur. lubos has a vision for the summary page, we just do not quite know what it is as yet. I like the quality of information in the new layout but iterate the downside is in the presentation of it. I would really like to see the left hand column of the Summary Page maintain these dashboard items at least in this order:
Cash at Bank
Cash on Hand
Accounts Receivable
Less Accounts Payable
Other Assets (Order change - Just because the other four items have greater operational preference in my view)
Less Other Liabilities

Another thing, I do not think any Manager user is suffering from resistance to change, particularly if it makes the Job / process of running the business easier. I know 2016 is going to be great thank you Lubos and team.

Server Edition user keen to see your view.

Can I suggest that only the bank accounts with a balance be displayed - no zero balances. I have 9 bank/credit card accounts - some are only for specific purposes so only need to see them when they are active. This could also be applied to the other control accounts

Also, you wrote (edited) "every control account will be expandable so users can select what to expand"
Does this mean you will be able to toggle between displaying and not displaying e.g. using the universal +/- (in a square) in front of each control account - that would be perfect

I found from the first time I opened Manager, that the opening page of “Financial Position, Financial Performance” was a brilliant way of opening an accounting package. At first glance, you see what are outstanding invoices and payments, as well as having an immediate understanding of where the performance of the office is up to, at the current date. Great management facility!

@lubos I have installed the latest version of Manager on my laptop and I can see that the summary page pretty much mirrors the chart of accounts layout and design concept. I will be honest and say that I think that the new chart of accounts look actually is a better design as it mirrors profit and loss and balance sheet more and in that area is more relevant, so I can the point of aligning the summary page with the chart of accounts for the sake of consistency.

Could I suggest a compromise for the summary page that will achieve your aim and address the biggest issue with the new summary look - Please see the attached picture. I hope that this will help improve the usability of the summary page!

Personally I prefer the new version. I can click bank accounts any time to know funds available, payments due and receivables. But when I look at the summary I want to know my assets, my liabilities, what I have coming in and what I need to pay. This is sufficiently captured in the summary and keeps me motivated to working on increasing my assets and reducing liabilities. Guys keep in mind this is a summary. To actually run your company click the appropriate links…which is what I am doing now and finding very convenient.

@dalacor, you can reorder your accounts in Summary tab by using codes. For example, by default all accounts are sorted alphabetically but if you want Cash at bank to be shown before Accounts receivable, give Cash at bank account code 1000 and Accounts receivable code 1001 (this was just an example).

You can also group assets into sub-groups. If you like, you can have a sub-group of Assets called Liquid assets and move there your Cash at bank account.

I will have a look at that option thank you. That would solve my biggest issues with the new look. I did not realise that the sub accounts would display differently on the summary page as I have not started using the sub accounts as I am waiting on you to complete custom control accounts first before I start making changes.

It would be most helpful if the breakdown of Accounts receivable into aged receivable groups (0-30 days, 30-60 days, etc.) could be put back in the Summary. That was perhaps the most useful feature of the old Summary page for me, being able immediately to drill-down in A/R groups by age and see first thing how far behind I am in my collections and who owes me how much for the longest, without having to run an A/R report.

@Lubos: Can at least that little piece of the old Summary be put back, please, perhaps as a Show aged receivables option (and perhaps also Show aged payables), co-located under Summary's Set Period button with the new Hide account codes option? There could even be a hyperlink from the Summary to the current Aged Receivables report:


Further to the long debate about the Summary page. Would it be possible to have the BS/P&L reports as a default but have a further icon in the Settings, to allow to select any two reports to be the default alternative? That would then seem to satisfy any options for that display.