Feature Request set default Supplier Delivery Fee

All my suppliers have different delivery fees for one item. It would be handy to have in the suppliers details to add a default delivery fee for each supplier and when doing a PO or Purchase Invoice to that supplier it will autofill the delivery fee based on that supplier.

this is similar to having different inventory price lists for customers and suppliers. i believe you can add such delivery fees when the price list feature is implemented.

While not supplier specific, and not autofilling when a supplier is selected, you could also create non-inventory items for various delivery charges that might make them quicker to add to forms.

I look forward to seeing the price list feature when it comes out. The problem with non inventory items is that I won’t remember what the default delivery price is for each company as all of them use different ones. Granted I will be checking, but an autofill based on supplier would be better. But I will look into your suggestion thanks