Faint text

Text in uncategorized transactions without a Bank Rule is so faint I can barely read it. This seems new to me. I don’t think I have made any changes, at least I don’t remember doing anything. Is there a way to get the old ‘stronger’ text back? Desktop manager, 21.2.58. Thanks

You cannot change font colors on Manager screens.

OK, I can’t maybe you could?

No. I am not the developer. I am a forum moderator.

I think it is related to this Bank import sort order

I too can hardly read uncategorized transactions. It wasn’t like this before and I would really like the darker font back please.

Yes, the light grey was always difficult to see, but seems worse since WebView2 was introduced.

It would be good for us ‘sight impaired’ to be able to change the various font colours.
Light Grey on Grey is very hard to see. They could be stored in a user profile file. I did this on an application a few years back because of sight and colour issues with users.

I have a Samsung monitor, which has a “MagicAngle” setting. If I set it to ‘Standing’, and sit down all the colours are deeper and I can see the light grey without squinting through my reading glasses.