Facility to capture term deposits

Request you to consider capturing of term deposit and facility to compute interest and do cash flow projection.

Facility in income and expenditure - to mark off a flag to say this exp or income migh recur on month, quarterly, half yearly and year basis; that could become part of cash flow projection

Calculating interest received is prone to errors or discrepancies with the calculations of the financial institution. It is better to bring it to account based on the amounts credited by the financial institution.

The actual interest received you enter from the term deposit accounts can also be taken into account in your cash flow projection. Cash flow projections already require careful analytical review and possibly added formulas in a spreadsheet to arrive at realistic projections.

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Agreed. All financial entries are on the basis of the bank credit / debit

Many of the cloud based offering provide this facility of projected cash flow. It does not pass entries.

i used a spread sheet to get my cash flow. felt that with small modification this tool can become single source of truth