Export transactional data to Excel

Hi Experts,

I’m using the desktop version 20.10.58 . Our accountant needs the transactional data in Excel format for taxation purposes. What is the best way to extract the data to be provided to an accountant. I’m able to use the “Copy to clipboard” button in certain cases and paste it into Excel, however, am wondering if there is an alternative approach which can be used to gather all data. I don’t see an “Export” button (like mentioned in other posts) on my desktop version.

Thank you.

The Export function was removed long ago, replaced by Copy to Clipboard. The General Ledger Transactions report may meet your needs.

However, you are hundreds of versions behind. You should update your software.

Thank you, Tut. I’ll plan for an upgrade soon; I haven’t felt the need for it yet, so delaying it :slight_smile: