Expenses and bank accts

are you able to change expense headings? and do you need to have a bank acct linked for certain things to work effectively on manager. i feel that a bank acct should not be a pre requisite of the system to function.

Yes. You can also add or delete expense accounts. For an example of how flexible your chart of accounts can be, see the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/9181.

The program will function just fine without a bank account. But you need at least one cash or bank account, even if that is your own pocket, or you won’t be able to record paying or receiving money. In other words, you won’t be in business.

thanks TuT.i will have a closer look at it now. and as for bank acct we are already in business.i guess for me its about how secure it is to put that type of info into it. and because most of our purchases are cash.

I’m not really exactly sure what you mean when you speak about security. But I will say three things. First, if you’re using the cloud edition everything is encrypted. Second, if you use the desktop or server edition it will be as secure as you make it. Third, none of the editions gives you access to your actual bank account. All an accounting program does is record transactions.

Your a legend. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much TuT

The “Bank Account” or “Cash Account” in Manager are only records of those particular transactions.You can use them by manually entering the transaction data from a printout of your bank statement without ever linking electronically to the bank computers. Even then your accounting system does not link to your actual bank account but only to a file created by the bank system.

Oh I see. So the bank acct info is just that. Bank acct info! It just allows me to manually keep track of the ins and outs of our business acct without actually linking it to the acct. I understand the concept of it now. Thanks heaps for the info.