Expanding input box


It would be nice if the box that you are entering text into like “Reference”,“Narration” and “Notes” fields if the box could be expandable. So one could see all data they are entering into it. But have it still retain a limit so the box can not go off page.

I use reference numbers like “april -16 - may 15 -Ebay” so i can use a monthly summary within one entry


The sizes of Reference and Narration fields are basically a silent recommendation how much text they should contain. april -16 - may 15 -Ebay looks more like a narration than reference. To me, reference should be something short like ABC12345

Notes textareas should be actually expandable. What is your operating system?


Notes on Journal entry on Mac Manager 14.5.27.

Notes does not expand it just scrolls down. which works but i personaly like the ones you can stretch so you can see more text at one time.