Errors in bank reconciliations for my company

There seems to be some error with the bank reconciliation. It shows a discrepancy of S$60,000.00 for the bank reconciliation dated 01/08/2017. However, I have checked that the transaction was already (cleared on 01/08/2017).

Kindly advise on how to resolve the issues above?

Thank you and regards.


To add on, I have the same issue with another company (SSS - Smiling Star Singapore Pte. Ltd.). There are issues with bank reconciliation dated 01/08/2017.

Thank you and regards. :slight_smile:

Bryan Tay

Both your posts were edited to delete the images, which exposed personal financial data on this public forum. They also did not illustrate anything useful concerning your failed reconciliations, so they were unnecessary.

Have you followed through the reconciliation process as in the Guide: Only you have access to the necessary records to resolve an unsuccessful reconciliation. No one else can see whatever caused the discrepancy. If you get part way through the reconciliation process and have a specific question, post it here.