Error when trying to send email using themes

After creating a theme using the latest version, I get an error when trying to send the invoice by email. Here is the error:
InvalidOperationException: The sequence contains no elements.
It looks like the PDF is not joined properly to the email…
Any help would be greatful ! Thanks !

It’s best if you could post your code so it can be reproduced. Or send me the code as private message and I’ll have a look.

I’ll send it to you by private.

How do I do that ? I can’t find where …


Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum window. Then click on the envelope symbol. Then New Message. Before you send the email, though, try updating your software. There have been many, many updates since you asked your question 2 months ago.

I don’t have the new message button or link… Could it be because I’m a newbie around here ?
Also, I did try to update. I’m running a version from last week.
Thanks !

In the top right corner click on your avatar (Y in purple circle) and do you see this

Or click on the avatar for the user you want to send the private message to and you should see this

Sorry guys, I don’t see any of these … I might not have the right to send a message ! :open_mouth:

Can you see them now ?

You might need to log out and back in first.