Error: TrustFailure on Update of report

Hi all,

I use a report for my Dutch VAT, called Concept BTW Aangifte

At the bottom of the report is a message:

This report has been imported from

And a button to update this.
When I use the button, to check for an update, I get an error message.
Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.)

I use the linux AppImage version 19.10.36 on Solus. Perhaps the certificate is not included in the AppImage or missing from my system?

Regards, Arjen

P.S. Very happy with the AppImage!

Replying to my own issue.

The cause is the incomplete root security certificate store for mono (linux .net package) supplied wit my linux distribution (Solus to be precise). The issue was resolved with the command
mozroots --import