Error..There is not enough space on the disk

Hi… we are using cloud based manager and today we export files to PDF it is showing an error message as “There is not enough space on the disk”, please help us

Even I am also getting the same issue. Cannot export to pdf or even backup the system.

If this is the cloud edition you should probably ping @lubos

How we can solve the problem…
Anybody have any idea…

Hi, we have the same problem…
anybody who can help?

@lubos Could you please check I have the same error on my server edition. Here is the screenshot of the error, this error occurs when I try to download an invoice pdf or send the invoice by email:

It is fixed now. The disk which is used for temporary files on one of the servers had no space left.

To prevent this in future, Manager is now configured to regularly do cleanup of temporary files so this shouldn’t happen in future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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@lubos, thank for fixing that up so quickly. Excellent job as always.

Hi @lubos I’m also receiving this error message when I tried to export to pdf just now. Any chance that this can be placed soon?

Can you check again? Should be fixed now.

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It’s perfect now! Thanks for attending to the problem with such efficiency.