Error on opening version 17.4.33


I have just downloaded and installed version 17.4.33 Desktop onto a MAC. Upgrading from 17.4.18. Up to now I’d experienced no issues.

I can open Manager no problem. But, when I click on my company, I get the following message in a pop up:
“System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.
Parameter name: startIndex”

Is this a bug with Manager?

Is there any chance I can redownload version 17.4.18 to use in the mean time?

Thanks so much

I too have the same issue - 17.4.33 on a Mac.

If you try to create a new business, the same error pops up.

There is no source for old versions. I have invited the developer into this topic to be sure the problem is noticed.

@Tut, can you reproduce this issue on Mac too?

Yes. I downloaded to another Mac, used Open... to try to add a backup file from a USB flash drive, and got the exact same error message.

I tried creating a New... business with identical results.

OK, the latest version (17.4.34) should be fixing the issue.

You are the main man @lubos

Many thanks for resolving so quickly. It works perfectly now.

Thanks @lubos - also working perfectly here.