Erroneous transaction total

total in invoice amount with nummber 5 in total

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Please show the EDIT screen of this invoice

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And your question is?

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when i add nummber 5 appear in all entires 6 in total ?

@aymanello1977, what edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number are you using? Also, what operating system version?

All your fonts look suspicious. Actually it looks like you are using a custom theme, but your screen shot of the sales invoice Edit screen says not.

I see you have entered 5000 and not 5. Can you show a screenshot of the edit screen of that particular inventory item?

Desktop last version windows 64 bit

desktop 22.7.27 windows 7 64bit

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@aymanello1977, you have shown screen shots from at least two different businesses. Please illustrate everything using screen shots from only one business (unless you are demonstrating a problem that occurs in one business but not another).

Looking at this more, @aymanello1977, I think you have a font issue. I believe the boldface 5 renders in a way that looks more like a 6 on your machine. But, as I said earlier, all your text looks suspect. I believe you are missing Manager’s preferred fonts, so your computer is making a substitution that is not satisfactory. Another user had a related problem recently. Read this thread for background: Letters not showing clearly.

Check your fonts and be sure you have at least one of the preferred fonts installed. Since you are (1) on Windows and (2) in a country where English is not the primary language, there is a good chance your computer does not have the preferred fonts.