Enhancement of Export Request Suggestion

Having just had a UK Vat Compliance Check, the government department asked for a list of items for me to supply. This included a full list of Purchase Invoices for the period, when I exported the Purchase Invoices to a csv file for Excel every field was included except the Vat on the Invoice. To fulfill this element I had to add the field to the Excel spreadsheet and manual visit each Purchase Invoice and record the Vat Element.

Would it be possible to incorporate this in a future release please.


Ian Clegg

The issue when exporting purchase invoices is that VAT is applied to individual line items of purchase invoice. Not on purchase invoice itself.

So there will have to be another “view” where you will be able to see list of all line items across all invoices and that view will include tax code.

Thanks for your reply, will this may be possible in a future release