Enable the use of Items in Receive and Spend Money

Sales Invoice Items and Purchase Invoice Items are amazing, helping users create invoices faster as users wouldn’t need to keep re-entering account, description, amount and other details for each line item repeatedly. However, this tool is not useful or usable in a cash sales (Receive Money) or a Cash purchases (Spend Money) transaction.
I am therefore requesting for the enabling of Sales and Purchases Invoice items on Receive and Spend Money transactions. The names of the tools could be renamed from Sales Invoice Items to Sales Items and Purchases Invoice Items to Purchase Items to mean they are not limited to only invoices.

I’m planning to rename Sales Invoice Items and Purchase Invoice Items to be simply called Non-inventory items and once that is done, they will be usable from anywhere, including cash payments and receipts.


That is good to hear but I need an ETA because this to me is a major addition and will really help me.