Emailing Reports Closes Manager and Email Fails to be Delivered

Using Manager Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Manager Version is Emailing utilising Gmail

Test Email Works
Emailing Sales Invoices to any email address works … the only item that has been emailed until now.

When we try to email a report (e.g. Balance Sheet) by Reports > Balance Sheet > View and then click on email and then insert an any email address, add a message in the body of the email and ‘send’ it appears to run (black dots moving at bottom of screen) for about a second then the entire Manager application closes (without any error) and the Report is NOT delivered.

Does anyone know if this is Manager Desktop Bug or some other issue?

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Working fine here on (test) server v23.09.21.1010 sending from a non-gmail account to a gmail account. Maybe something’s wrong with your Google account app password? See this guide.

Thank you @Mark … regenerated App Password and problem as explained about still exists from Reports (Sales Invoice emailing works fine)