Emailing of statements

Good morning,
I am busy running month end. I am attempting to email the statements to the clients. The usual process is that I print the statements, then I email it to the students.
Once I hit send Manager just closes. When I reopen it the statement has not been sent. I have tried sending the statements from both ‘versions’ (‘Unpaid invoices’ and ‘Transactions’. The result is the same.
I am using version 19.12.14 which appears to be your latest release.
Please assist.


UPDATE: Nevermind I restarted the computer. It was me… NOT this phenomenal program!!!

Your description of the problem is clear but does not provide sufficient information to obtain help
Please state what version ( Desktop, Cloud or Server) and what operating platform/system you use
Also what email service are you using?
Can you email other documents eg invoices, reports?

Have you updated your Manager program since the last time emailing worked? There were changes some time ago that might be responsable?

There is a guide to troubleshooting email issues which details strps to follow and information to share to help with diagnosing your problem

Simply stating I have a problem, please help is not very effective

Thank you, it was me… not this wonderful programme!