Email time out

Is email time out a problem with Manager or with my service provider>

Probably the service provider. Can you post the error message?

Hi Tut,
have checked with the service provider and they say it is not their
problem. Everything worked until 11 June.
Message attached
Peter Lowe

(Attachment Manager 18 June 2020.docx is missing)

your server will not accept .docx format.
How else can I send a screen shot to you?

It’s not my server. You need to upload a screen shot after logging into the forum. You cannot send email attachments. Use the upload icon above the message composing pane.

Sorry Tut. The attached took a bit to work out

I’m not an expert on email problems, but I immediately notice two things:

  • Your email address does not match your provider’s format (according to their web site)
  • Your provider does not apparently support Port 587 (again, according to their web site)

Thanks Tut,
Would you mind sharing your knowledge with this poor old fool.
What is the provider’s format? I do not know where to look

Look on their web site. They have setup and troubleshooting links.

on your how to connect page your tutorial for the the approval link says that you go to other and then type in Manager. You should have linked it to mail. It gave me the 16 letter password and all is well.