Eigen overzichten

Ik wil graag een eigen overzicht samen stellen:

  • kasrekening
  • wil ik de bonnen zien van 2020 van bv sligro

Weet je hoe ik die zo kan maken?

The forum is English only please.

If I understand correctly, you are looking to create your own overview which includes:

  • the petty cash account
  • and from this account, a selection of a certain period (2020) and of a certain supplier (in your example Sligro)

There are various ways to achieve this. For instance, you use the search functionality within the bank accounts, after you select the petty cash account. You search for “Sligro” and click “export”. You have a list of all transactions with Sligro which you can paste to excel. Alternatively, if you need a periodic report, you could create a custom report.