Dutch VAT report

Is there a way to also add the Including results for also adding the Intra-Community transactions declaration (ICP declaration) in addition to the VAT report? In the EU in addition to the VAT filing every quarter, also the Intra Community transaction need to be reported.

It would save quite some time, if a standard report for this was available.

No there is not a standard report available. It is far beyond the scope of Manager to create a report like the ICP declaration. I think we must be very happy that we have the Concept BTW Aangifte as a report especially created for the Dutch customers. To be honest: I think that @Lubos will not give this any priority as the list of ideas is quite long and that are ideas everyone will benefit if they are implemented.

I don’t know. This is something that would be of value for a lot of European companies, as all European companies who sell something outside their own nation borders in Europe are encountered by this.

I understand that Manager.io may not be able to develop automatic interfaces with all European tax offices, but a report with all accumulated Intra-Community transactions per customer per period, should not be too difficult I believe? This way we it can be used for the manually filing. This way Manager.io would be a more regular option for European companies, as this is part of the normal administrative process in Europe.

@AA236, does the Taxable Sales per Customer report not provide what you need? It breaks down sales by both customer and tax code. If you have used the proper tax codes, sales to customers within the EU should be obvious. Likewise, the Taxable Purchases per Supplier report will give you corresponding information on purchases.

Hello Tut,

Yes in principle this report works for this. It would be even better if also the VAT number would be added in this report. Like:

Custumer name - VAT Number - Tax on Sales - Total Sales

Then this report can be used for the Intra-Community transactions declaration (ICP declaration)

Take a look at this topic if it can be useful

What if you put your customer’s VAT number into their name? Then it would print as part of the name.

Yes that would be possible, but I still need proper/normal looking invoices to send to my customer, so that’s not really an option. Best would be to add the field "Business Identifier’ in this report


For my tax filing I have used the report ‘Taxable Sales per Customer’ to file the Intra-Community transactions declaration (ICP declaration). Unfortunately the tax office has send me a letter, that I have an inconsistency in the amount I filed at the VAT and with the ICP.

It seems the report ‘Taxable Sales per Customer’ , does not take credits into account, so my ICP filing was higher than my VAT filing, as alle the credits were not included.

Would it be possible to adjust the report ‘Taxable Sales per Customer’ , so that all credits are also included in this report (which would make sense, as you would like to know the acual amount, not the amount without credits)

What I do in order to avoid this behaviour of Manager, I don’t use [Credit Notes].
I duplicate the invoice which has to be credited, change date, change the + (plus) Quantities to - (minus), change the title to [Credit Note], clear Custom Fields which are related to invoices and not credit notes, save the credit note and, when e-mailing the credit note to the client, I change the subject and text in the e-mail accordingly.

This way the credit note is listed as a minus invoice in for instance the report [Taxable Sales per Customer].

Your scenario is probably related to the fact that Manager “sees” the credit note as a purchase. Which is a main issue and discussed “briefly” in the forum.

Ah OK, thanks for this info! That’s a little workaround to be able to use Credit Notes.

Maybe the developerer can have a look at this.

It should not be too difficult to adjust this not?

As Lubos, the developer, has been and is busy with the Dutch VAT, I just checked if Credit Notes are now taken into account now when using report ‘Taxable Sales per Customer’, and as far I can see, they indeed are.
So I guess, you have a look again if it suites your needs now.

I checked, but I don’t think it is working yet at this moment. Maybe it will still follow then

Assuming you have downloaded the experimental VAT-report and you used the newly introduced VAT-codes, the Total of Sales Invoices per Customer report(Totaal van verkoopfacturen per klant) report shows creditnotes as well. The taxables sales report however not yet. See the screenprint.
Be careful however, the new VAT-report and the new VAT codes are still experimental.

#hennie #lubos I downloaded version 20.9.29 and the VAT report does not show the vat amounts for the code VAT 21% EU. There should be an amount in 4 b
and the same amount calculated in 5b.
All was well in version 20.8.94. Is there a new version of the Concept BTW rapport and how do i get that version.
regards TonV

I found the solution through settings and imported new reports for the Netherlands. All seems to be OK again.
Sorry for any inconvience.