Dutch standard account schema

In holland, we have the “RGS”, which is a standard for accounting.

It would be very nice if we could use this scheme, as it is very easy to export to the Standard Business Reporting (http://www.sbr-nl.nl/english-site/)

The list is available:

As fellow-Dutchman, I know and understand RGS and SBR, but it is a Dutch local thing. I don’t think Lubos will build a separate module for RGS/SBR as he wants his software to be universal. Besides that, I think the majority of the Manager users are small entrepreneurs. I come to that conclusion when I look at the kind of “beginner-questions” on the forum.
By the way, what do you mean by:“It would be very nice if we could use this scheme”. Is it a request for development?

This looks like a specific organization of the chart of accounts with codes. All this can be handled in Manager. Did you mean something beyond that?

Yep, that’s basically it.

A specific organization of accounts.

I think it would also help for new comers to have a couple of accounts you can import/use, which are tailored for different industries

  • Construction
  • Freelance IT work
  • Online retail
  • Normal retail
  • SaaS subscriptions


Start down that road, and you will never satisfy everyone. No two accountants would agree on what the right chart of accounts was even for the same company, let alone across an entire industry or sector.

Just an idea on that one, if the ability to import a chart of accounts were made available, the community could provide starter sets to suit personal/industry taste/standards…

So manager would continue with the default set, but various community created sets could be accessed from the forum. This way, the burden would not be all on one person.

Isn’t it easier to just make new business, set up Chart of Accounts as per those standards and publish it online? Then anyone can import that business into Manager without re-creating the Chart of Accounts from scratch.

That would also work. :wink:

@ Lubos
The RGS set of accounts is a total of 2500 accounts, including groups and subgroups and thus far too much for the average user. Besides that the RGS is a set for five different kind of industries and mostly it is a scheme suitable for and used by companies with shares on the stock-market.

Imo it would be an community driven scheme.
The RGS is indeed large and too detailed, but I can imagine that it would only be a limited number of levels deep.