Duplicate invoice

A few months ago i created a invoice for a customer. Now he asked for a duplicate of the original invoice but now the “paid in full stamp” and the payed info is on the invoice. How can i reproduce an original invoice?

You copy the Plain theme and remove the code that produces the “Paid in Full” stamp easily enough, but it requires a lot more coding to remove the payment information.

You could take note of the Receive Money transaction details - date etc.
Delete the Receive Money transaction, print the invoice and then re-enter the Receive Money.

My question is, why is it a problem to include the payment and status information on the invoice? A customer that lost your original invoice might also misinterpret an exact duplicate as a new invoice and pay a second time. All information from the original invoice is present when you reprint. But additional information is also provided, making it clear that no further payment is being requested.

On the original invoice i forgot the customers vat number. I just wanted to provide the customer a “clean” invoice.