Downloading updates (desktop edition)

Where do you action this from?
The Desktop webpage has the initial getting started download but can’t see any update options, nor within Manger itself.

Also I registered for the Updates Newsletter, when are these sent in relation to a new release?

Download updates exactly as you did the earlier version. Install in the same way. When given the option of keeping both versions or replacing the old, I recommend generally replacing the old, but that’s your decision. Your data is not stored in the application, but in separate files, which the new version will access. Nothing will be lost.

Of course, ALWAYS be sure you have a backup before updating.

There is no auto update or alert as I know.
Check your version in ABOUT MANAGER
check here for change log - See if the version available is greater then yours…

download and install over the old ones as @Tut said you data is safe…

Thanks all, didn’t expect automatic updates but at least a location identifying the process.
I thought my eyes had a problem - I couldn’t see anything.

To help clarity, perhaps the web page could have an “existing user” update button even it if points to the exactly the same location, and/or an update selection under “About Manager”

Also, would it assist users if a text box opened (during/after) an update noting the changes that have occurred since their last edition and any action they may need to do - that could eliminate some of the forum enquires; e.g. Update 16.?.? has modified the Chart of Account process by xxx and yyy, you may need to re-organise your Chart of Accounts to take advantage of these features.

Apologises if this already occurs as I am about to do my first update.

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OK, downloaded 16.1.18 without any issues but I didn’t appear to be given the “option of keeping both versions or replacing the old” Is this unusual? Previous edition was 16.1.1

With the download I selected “run” only, not “save” then "run"
I did do a backup first but to date only modifying the chart of accounts has occurred, no transactional data has been entered.

Not a big thing, just curious, perhaps it was in a dialog box I didn’t read fully


It would be very nice if the program had automatic notifications of program updates, with an direct update link on the About... screen.

Failing this (or in addition), please consider including the version number in the filename of the installer package (or at least list it on the download page) so it is clear at a glance whether there has been an update.


Perhaps this only happens in Mac OS X. I’m not sure.

As a newbie, I fully concur with an option to auto update the program and have the latest version number showing on the opening screen. I think auto update would solve a lot of the questions that have been asked and answered if the customer only had the latest update in the first place. Fantastic program.