Donate Button - Proposal

Ladies & Gent, following others, please allow me to propose Lubos adding Donate Button to assist in developing Manager Vision further, and further (There are no free meals ) and even going further…

@Giora, NGSoftware Pty Ltd is a business, not a charity or a hobby. It has adopted a specific, defined business model under which the desktop version of Manager is free. The company makes its money from licensing and monthly maintenance fees on the server and cloud versions. The company specifically does not accept donations or advertising.

Thank you @Tut, I do understand but, I think most of Manager users, as myself (server edition), the “Donation” is NOT a charity act but self basic interest to improve and develop Manager Vision.

By actively using Manager, contributing feedback and sharing thoughts about the software is more valuable to us than any donation.

Good - I will keep giving you feedback then as I think Manager is a great piece of software.When you have finished with the statuses of the quotes and orders etc I will give you more feedback. But at the moment, I would like to enable you to concentrate on the statuses as this is the most urgent requirement for the program as I am already finding it difficult to ensure that all quotes have been invoiced.

One suggestion that I would make is to change the changelog back to release notes. Non IT people do not necessarily know the term changelog, but most people would understand what release notes are - its a more user friendly name.

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