Does "Back up" in Desktop edition also backs up view or preferences or settings? Or it just backs up only records?

Does “Back up” in Desktop edition also backs up view or preferences or settings by user? Or it just backs up only records?


I’m guessing from your question and from your other posts that you want to re-install Manager. While I can’t promise anything, I did exactly that tonight (because I really don’t like the Chart of Accounts changes in today’s release and wanted to go back to a prior version for now).

I found that the .manager data files are not backward-compatible from version to version – at least not from v16.1.20 back to v16.1.12, after having created sub-accounts. But luckily I had a backup .manager file from just before I updated from 16.1.12, and I hadn’t made any data entries since then. So I uninstalled Manager from the Windows control panel, then deleted the Manager folders wherever I could find them under my User directory (look in AppData), then reinstalled, then used the Add Business > Import Backup function. Everything, including settings and preferences, seemed to come back for me except for the name of my business, which I just typed back in, and the top-menu privacy preference.

No guarantees, but it worked for me. Good luck!

From my experience through the backing up of my office’s Server edition data and import backup to my home Mac edition and vice versa, so far I have not encountered any disruption of the records. The only 2 things I have to do are 1) Rename the business name, and 2) Reset the users from the server edition to point to the newly imported file.

I am currently working with my IT technicians on how to implement a connection to my server from my home. That would save a lot of hassle of backup and importing the file. Never know when will the problem strike.