Division Settings For Limited Users (hide codes from limited users)

Sorry maybe I didn’t explain things well, I don’t mean the bank account permission settings should be repeated here.

The Dimension category will have only 3 items on the list

  • Locations
  • Divisions
  • Tax Codes (possibly)

Locations and Divisions under Settings in the user permission list give or restrict access to the Master records for Locations and Divisions.

The Location and Divisions under Dimensions will help restrict access to Locations and Divisions on transactions forms.

I Just want to say that
User permissions as Similar in cash and bank accounts simply to be implemented for all other tabs.

Was this ever implemented, I have several branches and I need to restrict some user to transactions about their location.

It will be taken out from the ideas category if it gets implemented

Alright, noted. Hopefully it will be implemented soon.

Thank you.