Disbursement Recoverable & Balance Sheet

Not sure whether my heading on this is wrong. I just found out that the Balance Sheet on Cash basis shows “Disbursements Recoverable” at asset side, though invoiced and the payment received in full. Accrual based BS shows them correctly.

When the expense was incurred, I took it thru Bank account and booked it under “Disbursement Recoverable” and selected the customer. Later, the same was invoiced under accounts receivables to the same customer.

General Ledger Summary - Shows correct figures
Balance Sheet Accrual Basis - Shows correct figures
Balance Sheet Cash Basis - Shows wrong Disbursement Receivables at Asset side.

It’s possible this is a bug. Honestly, I didn’t even look at the impact of disbursements on balance sheets prepared on cash-basis.

Is it possible for you to create minimal test business demonstrating this issue and sending it to support@manager.io?

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Have sent mail to support@manager.io with demonstrative file attached. Also, I have attached the BS on Cash and Accrual basis for easy understanding. Thank you…