Determine Who is Logged in to Manager and Actively working

Currently I have 32 entity’s operational on a Manager Server. My dilemma is if I need to carry out maintenance on the system I need to know who is active in Manager. What I did in the past was check the “Log / History” button which has now been removed and replaced by a “History” button under each entity (Which is granular - Great). Now to check the history under each business takes time and you will not easily pickup what company or what users are still active during the tiny hours of the night.

Could it be possible to reinstate the global activity log or a new mechanism to help administrators in this situation please?

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OK in the end I used “netstat” command to determine active https connections. It is somewhat clumsy because idle connections get torn down if a user pauses activity in Manager. The upgrade of Manager itself is super quick but companies with databases above 1Gb tend to stall the system while Manager completes the upgrade to their database. The users can go have a coffee it will teach them for working late. Once done then system back on track.

Just curiosity, how do you reach one gigabyte of DB in Manager? Attachments?

Some company’s have been using Manager for 6 years or more yes attachments will contribute to data file size but that should not be an issue these days. On that note on Friday we receive a new 32Tb disk array.

I think that are mainly attachments since main Business is 5 year old, has a lot of accountings (more than 1000 a month) and is 20m.

Given also that before the new audit trial it was only 8m…

Yeah I enforce attachments and documentation with every Purchase Order, Purchase Invoices, Remittance etc. We also use folders to store Client Docs etc and Documentation in Sales Orders too and that data file is 735Mb. I will say about 99% of our documentation is PDF. The other entities are crazy. I will need to check in on them. I know they use their mobile phones to upload receipts and they scan content as well. They are probably uploading them as colour images as apposed to PDF?