Desktop Version Questions

Hi Folks,

  1. When it says, “Single User”, does this mean only one user is known to the system, or does this mean that multiple users of various privilege are known but only one user at a time is allowed access?

  2. I see that there are multiple “import” formats, but what are the export formats?

  3. I don’t see specific reference to Bank Transactions, even though I do see “import statements”. Can I write checks and tell my bank to send them?

Thanks for the help,


  1. No users are defined. Anyone with access to the computer can launch and use the program.

  2. Import for what? You may be referring to importing bank statements. Or you may be referring to importing a Manager business file (from backup or for transfer). Export refers to output of a CSV file for the page you are currently viewing. Do not confuse that with output of the database itself.

  3. Bank transactions are recorded under the Receipts & Payments tab. There is no communication with any bank. Manager is not an online banking application. So you would need to write (or generate online) the checks yourself. They are only recorded in Manager.