Depreciating fixed asset

To depreciate a fixed asset, go to the Fixed Assets tab. Click on the figure in the Accumulated Depreciation column. This will transfer you to the depreciation register for the selected asset. You can now use the New Depreciation Entry button to enter the depreciation expense amount.

Can u add Depreciasion Input here.

Not sure what this means. Are you saying translation for the button is incorrect and should be fixed?

Iam Sory, i mean Add add the Depreciasion Button there.

I am not sure either… Input Depreciation is translated correctly

it is possible to make depreciating fixed asset with straight line metod (recurring transaction with the same amount)?

This is not possible. Depreciation entries must be entered individually.

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In future, you will be able to enable automatic depreciation or automatic amortization but for the time being, entries will need to be recorded manually.


why deprecation is not auto in expense

Because nothing is automatic.

Hi Lubos, found this comment while searching for the same requirement. Automatic depreciation is available now or yet to be implemented this feature.

Not implemented yet.