Delivery notes go to Suspense w/ non-inventory items or inventory kits

Non-inventory items

When a delivery note includes a non-inventory item, the transaction can post to Suspense. Frequently, this is not noticed because there is no financial impact and Suspense is suppressed when it has a zero balance. But, if some other transaction with financial impact is posted to Suspense because of an error, producing a non-zero balance in the Suspense account, the delivery note can be seen in the Suspense account drill-down.

In the following example, Current catalog is a non-inventory item. A delivery note was created to serve as a packing list:

And, because an unrelated sales invoice happens to be missing a customer assignment, the delivery note shows up in the Suspense account drill-down:

Interestingly, in version 22.7.4, such transactions caused problems on the View screen. Those seem to have been corrected by v22.7.5.168.

Even more interestingly, the problem manifests only for delivery dates after December 31, 2021. A delivery note created today with non-inventory items does not end up in Suspense. However, if its date is edited to pre-2022, the transaction goes to Suspense.

Inventory kits

The same behavior occurs with inventory kits. And, just as with non-inventory items, the problem occurs only for dates after December 31, 2021. For example, if Delivery Note #3 in the example above is edited to a 2022 date, it drops out of the Suspense account:

Fixed in the latest version (22.7.15)