Deleted Paid Invoice - Didn't change income total

Long story short, I had to delete a paid invoice for a customer. When I deleted it I noticed it did not change my gross income for the year. Is there a way to get the income to reflect the new, smaller amount?


You should not have done that. It was a real transaction and had a receipt against it. You should have issued a credit note.

Meanwhile, if you deleted it and gross income didn’t change, the invoice was incorrectly entered in the first place. What happened to the receipt against the invoice? Manager wouldn’t have let you delete the invoice with a receipt against it.

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There are three explanations:

  1. Invoice didn’t have Account selected or was allocated to balance sheet account(s). Therefore it would never affect your profit & loss statement.
  2. Your Profit & Loss Statement was generated on cash-basis therefore payment against deleted invoice was simply re-allocated to another unpaid invoice thus income wouldn’t change.
  3. Report you are looking at was created for the period which didn’t cover invoice date thus deleting such an invoice would have no impact on the report.