Deleted manager data files, restore options?

On my mac I changed the main user and doing so, deleted the manager data files in .local.

I DID save a copy of my library, just in case, and there I see /Volumes/Tata/Library/Caches/ 4/Records

Can I restore my data from there, or anywhere else in the library?


Did you ever back up your Manager data? Hopefully, yes. Restore from the backup after downloading a new copy of the application.

Thank you Tut.

Yes, ever, but that was a long time ago.

Could I retrieve some information from the files in …/Library/Caches/io.manager? (There’s: Cache.db, Cache.db-shm, Cache.db-wal and a folder called fsCachedData.)

I don’t know.

../Library/Caches/io.manager doesn’t contain any accounting data.

What about some undelete tool to see if you can undelete .local folder. This is a long shot though.